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Halloween 2011 – Part 1

The great thing about Halloween, is that people celebrate it over not just one day or one weekend, but almost the whole month of October!  This weekend I painted my first round of awesome faces for some cool party goers, and got some great photos to share with you.  First… check out this fun family!  What happened after Beauty and the Beast got married?  They had a Son of a Beast!

Mr. Beast won the Best Male Costume prize at their party!

And my first Avatar face… pretty excited with how well she turned out!  She also won a costume contest!!!

A creepy Skeleton is a classic Halloween costume…

And last but not least… my flesh rotting zombie face that I wore to the Cleveland Zombie Crawl.  The Old Angle bar voted me best zombie costume!

So what is your idea for next weekend?  I still have appointment times open for Saturday the 29th, and am available on Monday the 31st to get your kids all ready for their trick-or-treating!  Contact me for details!

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Lets talk about HALLOWEEN!

While I’m sad to see summer go, I am always excited for the most magical time of the year to begin…

The only time of year when everyone plays dress up and pretend all together!  It is also the absolute BEST holiday for picture taking!!  So why not take this years costume a step further and REALLY get into character… with paint!

I am happy to announce that this year I will be taking appointments to paint people into character for the main party night, Saturday October 29th.  I will be booking by the 1/2 hour beginning at 10 am and taking my last appointment at 5:30pm.  Each 30 minute spot will be $50.  Longer periods of time may be available, and can be determined by the type of design you are looking for.

What can be done in 30 minutes?  For instance: a full zombie face with 3D FX like torn flesh.  A full character face, plus hands and shoulders (like the hulk or other comic book character).  Elaborate masks for a masquerade ball, or monster faces and hands.

Is your vision bigger than just the face?  NO PROBLEM!  We can discuss your idea and determine how much time will be needed.

BOOK SOON before my time runs out!  Last year I had dozens of calls the last 3 days before Halloween and had to turn them all away.  Don’t be left out this year!

I am also available on Friday the 28th for a private booking or appointments, and also on Monday October 31st to get the kiddies ready for trick or treating, or to help entertain at a community Halloween event.

Contact me for more information!!

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Happy Birthday Ethan!

I had a great time last week painting for lucky birthday boy Ethan, who requested to be a zombie!  It was  super fun party with great kids who were all smiles.  🙂

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We Be Zombies!!!

Since it is officially Halloween (personally my favorite holiday to prepare for!), I’m going to post some pretty creepy paint jobs!  This is the first year I decided to be something scary for Halloween, which was quite a switch for me.  Plus this was the first time I’ve ever worked with special effect products with my face painting.  If your a bit queasy seeing gory type costumes I suggest you stop now, because the two zombies you are about to see are pretty fantastic!  I’ll also post the “before/beginning stages” pictures as well so you can see how the transformation happened.  Enjoy!

Amanda Before Zombie Transformation

Amanda Zombie 1

Amanda Zombie 2

Andrew Before Zombie Transformation

Andrew Zombie 1

Zombie Couple

Don’t worry… no actual living or dead people were harmed in the making of these costumes.  In fact the saddest part is that I’ll have to wait a whole year to have an excuse to do it again!  Happy Halloween!!!