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Frozen Fascination!

Are your kids constantly singing “Let it Go”?  Is Olaf the new name of every stuffed animal in the house?  Have you been asked lately if you want to build a snowman?  If you know what I’m talking about then your kids are probably just as obsessed with Frozen as my step-daughter!  Well Elaborate Eyes is here to help!  Plan a Frozen themed party for those sing-songy kids and I’ll turn them into ice princesses and snow monsters!  They’ll be the envy of ever kid on the playground when they show their friends pictures of themselves painted “just like Elsa!”.  Check out my new Frozen face paintings, and call or email me to book your theme party!

Snowflake Mask Frozen Ice Crown Snow Monster Frozen Princess Crown Fancy Swirl Eye Frozen Butterfly Olaf Frozen Snow Monster photo-4

Holiday Face Painting Designs

Fa la la la Facepaint…

You have to love the holidays…. any holiday really, because they give me a reason to paint festive things that are only popular a short time of the year.  It keeps my painty fingers from getting bored with the same ol’ thing.  And the kids at all the holiday parties I paint at love them too!

Here are a few new Christmas designs on my board this year…

Ginger Bread Man

Elf Hat

Puffy the Penguin

Rudolph Nose

Sassy Santa Hat

Jack Skellington

Do you have a Christmas party planned in the next few weeks you’d like to add some extra fun to?  Give me a call… I’d love to paint for you!!

Boy Face Painting Designs, Girl Face Painting Designs, Holiday Face Painting Designs

Happy Holiday Designs

Christmas is definitely the second most magical time of year (after Halloween of course), and since it’s so special the season deserves some of it’s own face painting designs!  I spent 5 hours yesterday painting these fun and festive choices at a company holiday party and they were a hit!  Maybe you have a fun event planned in the next few weeks that you’d like to add some magic to?  Give me a call!

First up, a new design called Snowball Fight!  This was super popular yesterday, and a personal favorite of mine.

And here’s a little outtake from my self painting session… Had a little trouble with my glitter bottle and dumped it all over myself!  I think a good caption for this photo is “My Snowman pooped on me!”

Happy Holidays everyone!

Boy Face Painting Designs, Elaborate Eyes News, Girl Face Painting Designs, Holiday Face Painting Designs

Good Company Show

Hello again my face painting fans!  I hope you were able to tune in to Channel 3 this morning for the Good Company show.  If not you’re in luck… my segment is up on!  Overall I’m pretty happy with how the show turned out, and I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. As soon as I have a copy of the video I will post it here. To see the show go to: Amanda’s Elaborate Eyes on WKYC Good Company

I was a bit rushed with the on-air paintings, so here is a better look at the winter designs:

Abominable Snowman Live

Jack Frost Live

Icy Butterfly

Flosty Flair Eye

Snow Princess

Elaborate Eyes News

Tune in Monday!!

Hello all… well it’s been a quiet month in my face painting world, but that is all about to change!  After you’ve enjoyed the magic of Christmas with your family and friends, spend Monday morning with the Good Company show on WKYC Channel 3.  I will be one of the guests on air, and will be showing off some face paintings especially for the cold winter season.  Watch live from 10-11 am locally in Cleveland, or online at:

I am told my spot will be about 10:45 am, but that could change.  I will be sure to post a link to the video once it is up as well!

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Amanda @ Elaborate Eyes!