Henna Style Freehand Tattoos

NEW! Henna Style Freehand Glitter Tattoo’s!

I am excited to now offer beautiful freehand Glitter Tattoos!  These designs are henna style artwork, drawn directly onto your skin with skin safe body glue, and then can be turned any color with glitters or mica powders!   Each tattoo lasts about 5 days, and is waterproof, so no worry about washing it off in the shower.  It even removes easily with rubbing alcohol!

I painted my first prom girl today, and I know right now she is the bell of the ball!  What fun to have beautiful artwork as part of your outfit… in fact, I had a necklace piece drawn on me for my wedding last year!  It was AMAZING and I loved it!  I hope this beauty is loving her’s just as much… hopefully I’ll get photos of her in her dress to add to this post!

DSC03556 Henna style arm PROM DSC03563 DSC03559

Interested in getting more information about having a beautiful freehand glitter tattoo done on you or for an event?  Check out the Henna Style Tattoo’s link at the top of the page!

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Hot times, summer in the city….

Hello again!  So it’s getting HOT right?  And we all know heat makes SWEAT, and sweat makes facepaint a little runny.  BOO!  Well great news… you can still get all colorful and painted at that outdoor party without worries… I can paint YOUR ARMS!  (Or legs, or back, etc).  It’s still fun and makes for cool pictures!  Check out some of these from last weekends birthday party…


And have you thought about Glitter Tattoos at your next party??  This is a huge hit with kids and adults, great for graduation parties!!  There’s no paint involved, and these beauties will last 4-5 days!  No worrying about sweating them off or smudges from sticky fingers.  It’s the perfect solution to those backyard BBQ’s!

Got questions?  Want to book a party?  Give me a call at 216-990-5929!