Girl Face Painting Designs, Glitter Tattoos

Playing Around…

Here are a few more pictures from my recent workshops… lots of playing with fancy line work and glitter!  The new hot item on my painting wishlist: Glitter Jewelry… if you see me at a gig please let me paint some on you!  Although glitter fairys are coming in a close second!

Boy Face Painting Designs, Girl Face Painting Designs, Holiday Face Painting Designs

St. Patricks Day designs on Good Company

I had such a fantastic time on the Good Company Show today!  I would like to thank Michael Cardamone for being such a good sport and letting me paint him live on air.  I think he’s hooked.  😉

For those of you who missed the show live, please take a few minutes to watch the video online at the WKYC website.  Click Here to see my segment, and feel free to share it with friends!

Here are photos of the paintings from todays show, and if you are going to be out downtown this Thursday celebrating the green, you can come get painted in one of these great designs by me at the Harry Buffalo!  I will be there at 9:30am, until… well until I drop from exhaustion!  I hope to see you there!

Eclectic Irish Design

Rainbow Butterfly

Irish Princess Mask

Shamrock Swirls

Lucky Tattoo

The Good Company Gang

And just for fun, here are a few more St. Patricks Day face paintings that didn’t make it onto todays show…

Irish Tattoo Half Face

Shamrock Face

Thanks for watching, and have a great St. Patricks Day!

Boy Face Painting Designs, Girl Face Painting Designs, Sports Theme Face Painting Designs

Pics from the MAC Tournament

Hello basketball fans!  I’ve finished up my 4 day gig with the Diet Mtn Dew FanDEWmonium tour and have a ton of great photos to share!  It was a super fun weekend and I would like to thank everyone who stopped by our tent to vote for your favorite DEW flavor and let me paint them!

Diet Mtn Dew Fan!

Green Lightning Face

Blue Fans

Akron Zips Fan

Akron Zips Fan

Basketball Face Paint

Green Face Mask

Purple Craze

Purple Butterfly

Lightning Bolt

Golden Flashes Fan

Electric Face Paint

Mtn Dew Star

Fantasy Mask

Diet Mtn Dew Can

Purple Glitter Design

Blue Craze

Green Swirl Eyes

Sports Theme Face Painting Designs

Go Browns!

I had the honor today of being a part of Diet Mountain Dew’s FanDEWmonium tailgate party at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  While I painted Browns fans with LOTS of orange paint, the Dew Crew was handing out samples of some new test flavors.  Sadly, I was so busy painting I never got to try them!  I had a great time and hope to be a part of more future sporting events!  Here are a few photos from the day…

Diet Mountain Dew

Paw Print

Orange Swirls

Orange Flourish Eyes

Browns Helmet

Orange Butterfly

Browns Swirl Mask

Browns Witch & Me

Browns Family