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I just thought I’d share some new photos with you… two new designs and some other favorites from todays gig.  Enjoy!

First, a new design!  A super cute ELEPHANT in honor of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s new African Elephant Crossing Exhibit.  Isn’t he just the sweetest!
Elephant Painting

Next, I’m super excited to share some fun HORNS!  This dad was a great sport and let me paint him some sweet head gear.

And now some of the happy Wadsworth Walmart shoppers.  🙂

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Zoo Day!

I promise I will post new pics of actual face paintings soon, but I’m just SO EXCITED about my painted Elephant! Today was the grand opening of the African Elephant Crossing exhibit at the Cleveland Zoo, and the first time I got to see my Tallulah out in her new home… She is right in front of the ticket booth! It was so fun to watch kids climb all over her and how excited they were to get their picture taken with her! One nice mommy let me take a photo of her adorable kids to post here. Enjoy!!
Me and Tallulah

The kids love her too!

Elaborate Eyes News

Meet Tallulah!

I am happy to announce that I am finally done painting Tallulah!  She is sponsored by B.A. Sweetie Candy Company, and will be on display starting this week at the Cleveland Zoo for the new Elephant Crossing exhibit.  So when you go to the zoo this summer, make sure you say hi to her!

Tallulah Face

Tallulah's Side

Tallulah's Other Side

Tallulahs Face Painting

Tallulahs Fancy Shoes

Tallulah Sponsored by Sweeties Candy

Elaborate Eyes News

Meet Tallulah

Hello friends, meet my newest model, Tallulah!  She is a 4′ tall Elephant that will be on display at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoos new Elephant Crossing exhibit in May.  Her sponsor B.A. Sweetie Candy Company, has asked ME to paint her!   I will be working on  her over the next few weeks at Sweeties during the stores open hours, so stop in and check out the progress!  If you ever needed a reason to take a trip a candy store this is a good excuse.  🙂   Sweeties is located at 7480 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44129.  Phone 216.739.2244

Tallulah Front

Tallulah side