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My Little Ponies

I LOVE trying new designs… in fact my design book is constantly changing because every time I try something new I instantly want to add it to my selection for parties.  This weekend I have a birthday party with a special request… it’s a My Little Pony party!  I’ve been itching to try out these cuties forever, especially since the original MLP’s were my favorite toys as a girl!  So here you go… brand new and ready to make their debut this weekend!

Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Fluttershy Applejack Rarity

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Ok… well technically I missed it by two days, but better late than never!

Cat in the Hat

There are a bunch of Seussical Celebrations going on around town this weekend so make sure you take the kiddies out to celebrate!  And of course, if you are out at an event and you think it would be more fun with Face Painting, please tell them about me!