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Introducing NEW WATER RESISTANT Face Paints!

Hello painty people!  I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you today!  I have just added a brand new product to my face painting arsenal, and it might be the coolest thing since sliced bread… Water Resistant Face Paints!  That’s right folks… I can now paint your face, and you can cannonball into a pool without any worry about ruining that beautiful design!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this video to see it in action!

This revolutionary new product will stay put in water, but will wash off with liquid soap or baby oil, making clean up a breeze!  Check out these new designs specifically for the Hybrid paints…

Hungry Shark  Face Paint Baby Seahorse Face Paint Frozen Crown Face Paint Dolphins Face Paint Unicorn Face Paint Butterfly Face Paint King James Face Paint Flower necklace Peace Arm Butterfly Trails Face Paint Tribal dragon Face Paint IMG_1302

Girl Face Painting Designs

Oh what fun we will have…

Hello summer party people!  Well the busy season has officially begun and my calendar is filling up quickly with all sorts of great face painting goodness!  I’ve got birthday parties, block parties, company parties, graduation parties and some plain ‘ol just for the fun of it parties!  Are you looking for some colorful additions to your summer bash?  Give me a call!

In the meantime, here are a few photos from last weekend… I had some great picks of some old favorites I haven’t painted in a while and even a few new requests.  Most importantly, good times were had by all.  🙂


Animal Face Painting Designs, Girl Face Painting Designs

Pretty Little Things

I’ve finally had some time to practice, and have new photos to share!  Some new, some old, some quick and some bold!

In this design, I’ve switched up the way I paint rainbows.  This is so much more fun and organic, but still super quick!
Rainbow Painting

This was a quick late night painting for my niece, who really wanted to be a kitty before she went home… poor girl was going to have to wash it off before bed!  I pulled inspiration from her shirt, and tried to keep the paint to the easy to wash places.  🙂

Here is another late night painting… she wanted at seaside painting but not on her face… and this one she can sleep in!

Here is a birthday Butterfly Princess… so adorable!