Paint Removal

As they say… All good things must come to an end, and that includes the masterpiece that is proudly displayed on your face!

Before you grab the lava soap and brillo pad to scrub away the paint on your child’s delicate cheeks, follow these EASY instructions to remove paint from skin in a GENTLE and (hopefully) TEAR-LESS way!  It’s a simple trick that will eliminate the need to roughly scrub or use makeup removers to try to get rid of a stain…. simply SKIP THE WATER!

Make sure you got a picture of the face painting before it’s gone forever!  Then, get a MILD LIQUID SOAP, like hand soap, baby wash or baby shampoo.  Also grab a wash cloth that can get dirty or stained, and get near the sink.

GENTLY rub the soap directly into the paint with your finger tips WITHOUT WATER.  This feels like a soft massage to the child, but looks like you are making a big gooey mess.  IMPORTANT:  Do not put soap directly onto the eyes.  If the paint is close to the eyes, have the child close them tightly while you VERY GENTLY work soap in around the eye socket without getting close to their eyelashes.  

Mush soap into all the paint until it is one big muddy looking mess (without adding water!).  Have a wet washcloth ready to wipe the paint off with… I suggest using a cloth that can be stained, as the paint might not wash out of a light colored towel.

Take your wet washcloth (not dripping wet though) and gently wipe away the paint goo.  The washcloth will pick up most of the paint so you may need to rinse and wring it out a few times so you do not smear extra paint over new areas.

Once you have wiped off most of the paint either wash face again as you normally would, or take a clean wet washcloth and re-wipe the whole face to remove any leftover soap.  If you haven’t gotten all the paint off around the eyes yet, use a clean cloth to wipe this area so you don’t accidently get soap in their eyes.  As you can see, using this method of removing the paint leaves practically no stain, even the stubborn blues and greens come off!

I hope this trick saves you from what is typically a “difficult” face washing process!

1 thought on “Paint Removal”

  1. Beautiful work!
    Interested in booking a birthday party with you…very interested in what paints you use as many of the children and adults that will be attending have severe allergies.
    If you could shed some light so I could do some research on the products beforehand it would help alot!!
    Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

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