Henna Style Tattoo’s

I am excited to now offer beautiful freehand Glitter Tattoos!  These designs are henna style artwork, drawn directly onto your skin with skin safe body glue, and then can be turned any color with glitters or mica powders!   Each tattoo lasts about 5 days, and is waterproof, so no worry about washing it off in the shower.  It even removes easily with rubbing alcohol!


Henna Style Glitter Tattoo’s are perfect for all types of special occasions:  

Bridal Parties
Baby Showers
Bridal Showers
Girls Night Out
Or any other reason you want to add a little PIZZAZ to your outfit!

Be the talk of your event with beautifully hand drawn artwork instead of a traditional necklace… I had it done for my wedding, and felt like I really was a one-of-a-kind bride!  

Why am I offering henna style art, but not actual henna, you ask?  Well traditional henna uses a paste made from the henna plant to stain your skin, but it requires several hours to dry and must remain untouched in order for the design to leave a good stain on your skin.  The stain is typically somewhere between a brownish-orange color to a light yellowish-orange, depending on your skin type and how long the paste was left on your skin.  This is a very popular form of body art for many occasions, but I’ve found that I am just not a patient person, and I don’t like the orange color of the stain afterwords.  I love the art style, but I’ve never been able to wait long enough to get a decent stain before getting irritated by the paste.  Plus then I’m stuck with a stain on my skin that has to fade out naturally over days or weeks, which I really don’t like.  Now I can get the same beautiful artwork, but with fairly instant results, and the ability to take it off after a day if I want!

Contact me for more details about scheduling a party or one-on-one session!  Amanda@elaborateeyes.com, or call 216-990-5929.


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