About Me


Thank you for taking a moment to find out about my work!  My name is Amanda Destro Pierson, and  I am a professional creative.

I am a Senior Graphic Designer for a company that produces scrapbooking and crafting products.  In 2010 I started face painting at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on the weekends and discovered that I had a true passion for the craft.  I have been blessed to have two careers that I not only love, but genuinely enjoy doing every day!   I find the balance of digital design and hands-on painting keeps my creative mind humming.

Face painting is a fun and fulfilling profession.  I enjoy working with children, as well as the challenge of painting a moving canvas.  Seeing the surprise and delight (and sometimes shock!)  on a little face when they see themselves in the mirror is always exciting for me.  I pride myself on being both talented and professional, and am constantly working to improve my skills.

I am also fascinated with body painting, which takes the challenge of painting a moving face and multiplies it by ALOT.  The ability to use the human body as a living canvas is really amazing, and the imagination and planning involved has been quite an exercise.

NEO Face Painters Guild

I am a proud member and officer of the North East Ohio Face Painters Guild.  We are an association of professional face and body artists in the North East Ohio area.  Members of this guild are all quality artists, dedicated to expanding our skills and businesses through the help and support of our peers.  We aim to inform the public about safety and quality standards, as well as introduce North East Ohio to quality artistry.

If you are interested in hiring me for your event please contact me at Amanda@ElaborateEyes.com or call 216-990-5929