About Me


Thank you for taking a moment to find out about my work!  My name is Amanda Destro Pierson, and  I am a professional creative.

I am the production manager for a company that produces stationery and and crafting products.  In 2010 I started face painting at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on the weekends and discovered that I had a true passion for the craft.  I have been blessed to have two careers that I not only love, but genuinely enjoy doing every day!   I find the balance of digital design and hands-on painting keeps my creative mind humming.

Face painting is a fun and fulfilling profession.  I enjoy working with children, as well as the challenge of painting a moving canvas.  Seeing the surprise and delight (and sometimes shock!)  on a little face when they see themselves in the mirror is always exciting for me.  I pride myself on being both talented and professional, and am constantly working to improve my skills.

I am also fascinated with body painting, which takes the challenge of painting a moving face and multiplies it by ALOT.  The ability to use the human body as a living canvas is really amazing, and the imagination and planning involved has been quite an exercise.