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Yelp Cleveland’s First Burstday Party!

Last week I had the honor of being a part of Yelp Cleveland‘s First Burstday party.  It was a super fun time at one of the hippest parties I’ve been to in a while!  I had the very rare treat of having a line of ADULTS waiting for me to paint them!  Talk about making a girl feel popular!

Check out my Yelp listing here and feel free to rate me and leave a comment if I’ve helped make your party a success!

Thanks again to the folks at Yelp for inviting me to help add some color to the party!  And for getting some great photos to share!



2 thoughts on “Yelp Cleveland’s First Burstday Party!”

  1. I love your page. I’m new to face painting and I order most of my supplies from silly farm, i was wondering what products do you use?

    1. Hello Shari, I order from Sillyfarm as well as a few other sites. My kit has evolved over the last two years, I now use Paradise for my main colors, Tag for my splits and metallics, DFX for my black and white, and Kryolan for my neons and some specialty colors.

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