Girl Face Painting Designs

Focus on Flowers

Whenever I am painting away at birthday parties or family functions and have a gaggle of children around me watching intently as I transform their friends, I am constantly being asked “how did you learn to paint so well?” And my reply is always the same… “I practice all the time… the only way you get good at anything is to practice over and over again!”  It’s true for everyone and everything… we all start at the beginning.  And as much as I would like to only show you my perfect pictures and designs I’ve spent extra time on to get them just right, I think maybe it’s important to show you some of my practice work as well.  Hopefully soon I’ll have more pictures of these designs, done on real faces in the real word, and hopefully they’ll be even better!

Here are a few photos of some new designs and techniques I learned at a recent face painting workshop, taught by an artist far more superior than me, because even professionals still have to practice.  🙂


1 thought on “Focus on Flowers”

  1. May I ask what workshop? I am looking for something to attend. I am in Canton. 🙂 Thanks!

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