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Tune in Monday!!

Hello all… well it’s been a quiet month in my face painting world, but that is all about to change!  After you’ve enjoyed the magic of Christmas with your family and friends, spend Monday morning with the Good Company show on WKYC Channel 3.  I will be one of the guests on air, and will be showing off some face paintings especially for the cold winter season.  Watch live from 10-11 am locally in Cleveland, or online at:


I am told my spot will be about 10:45 am, but that could change.  I will be sure to post a link to the video once it is up as well!

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Amanda @ Elaborate Eyes!


1 thought on “Tune in Monday!!”

  1. Wow! Amanda your work has really come along. Missed your t.v. appearance but I’ll look for it on your site. I love the zombies you did. Keep in touch.

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