Girl Face Painting Designs, Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos!

Happy Monday my Elaborate Fans!!  I have some exciting news for you today… I am now adding Glitter Tattoos to my arsenal of fabulous face & body art designs!!  These sparkly designs are a hit with kids and teens!

Glitter Tattoos are created using medical grade adhesive and super fine cosmetic glitter.  Each design will last 3-7 days, assuming no lotions are applied and the design is not scratched.  Glitter Tattoos can also be easily removed by soaking it with rubbing alcohol or alcohol based lotion.

What a fun and SPARKLY way to make body art last longer than a day!  Here are some photos from a recent party… maybe you would like to add some bling to your next get together too!

Glitter Rose


Hand drawn Peace Heart

Glitter Dragon

Glitter Clover

Glitter Butterfly

Each person can choose a stencil from my collection, or I can draw a design freehand that’s custom for you!


Amanda Glittering


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