Holiday Face Painting Designs

We Be Zombies!!!

Since it is officially Halloween (personally my favorite holiday to prepare for!), I’m going to post some pretty creepy paint jobs!  This is the first year I decided to be something scary for Halloween, which was quite a switch for me.  Plus this was the first time I’ve ever worked with special effect products with my face painting.  If your a bit queasy seeing gory type costumes I suggest you stop now, because the two zombies you are about to see are pretty fantastic!  I’ll also post the “before/beginning stages” pictures as well so you can see how the transformation happened.  Enjoy!

Amanda Before Zombie Transformation

Amanda Zombie 1

Amanda Zombie 2

Andrew Before Zombie Transformation

Andrew Zombie 1

Zombie Couple

Don’t worry… no actual living or dead people were harmed in the making of these costumes.  In fact the saddest part is that I’ll have to wait a whole year to have an excuse to do it again!  Happy Halloween!!!


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