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Go Browns!

I had the honor today of being a part of Diet Mountain Dew’s FanDEWmonium tailgate party at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  While I painted Browns fans with LOTS of orange paint, the Dew Crew was handing out samples of some new test flavors.  Sadly, I was so busy painting I never got to try them!  I had a great time and hope to be a part of more future sporting events!  Here are a few photos from the day…

Diet Mountain Dew

Paw Print

Orange Swirls

Orange Flourish Eyes

Browns Helmet

Orange Butterfly

Browns Swirl Mask

Browns Witch & Me

Browns Family



1 thought on “Go Browns!”

  1. You did a really great job! I’m originally from Ohio and grew up a browns fan watching games every week with my brother & stepdad.
    The “Orange Swirls” one is my favorite.

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