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Important Safety Information!

Health & Safety is as important to me as it should be to you.  Book Amanda for your event and relax!  Every product I use is FDA compliant (even glitter) and are professional facepainting products, water based and safe.

If you are at an event and see face painters using ACRYLIC paints, PLEASE notify whoever is in charge.  Acrylic paints are craft paints used on wood and paper, they are NOT SAFE to be used on skin.  This is a very common occurrence, which most people do not think is bad, but it can lead to skin irritations very quickly.

You can tell the difference between a professional and someone who isn’t as soon as you see that they are not keeping your safety a #1 priority.  Any type of paint other than professional grade face paint should not be allowed on your skin… please keep your children safe by only allowing a professional to paint them.


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