College Craziness

Ahh the College years… when you’re old enough to do whatever you want, and still too young to think you’re too old to do things!  It’s a magical time.  Check out some of the fun ideas these college elite came up with for their face paintings.  They get huge points for creativity!

Making a Mermaid Princess

Hello art lovers!  I know my site has been boring for a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out painting up a storm!  Typically at a gig I am too busy to actually take pictures of my work, so when someone takes them for me it is a rare treat.  Especially these amazing pics by photographer Brian Palmer, who captured his daughters experience really beautifully.  I can’t wait to paint for his company again this winter so he can take some more awesome photos of my work!  Take a look…

Happy Birthday Ethan!

I had a great time last week painting for lucky birthday boy Ethan, who requested to be a zombie!  It was  super fun party with great kids who were all smiles.  :)

Busy Busy Busy…

Hello art lovers… Well it has been a crazy busy few weeks in my face painting world!  I’ve got lots of great new pics to share with you, but alas, no time to get them web ready!  For now, how about this awesome photo from the Berea News Sun, taken at last weeks Grindstone Festival.  What a great shot of the happiness brought by face painting!

Where’s Amanda Painting this time?


Well it’s officially summertime and the start of a fun holiday weekend!  I hope you have lots of fun plans for these sunshine filled few days!  I myself will be up to my elbows in paint!  Besides a few private parties each day, I am also painting at two very fun events… if you don’t already have your plans set for the weekend definitely try to fit one (or both!) of these into your schedule:

FRIDAY & SATURDAY June 1st & 2nd @ The UniverSoul Circus
100 Euclid Square Mall, Euclid Ohio
I will be painting before and during tonights show @ 7:30, and tomorrow at the 4pm and 7:30pm shows.
Everyone loves a circus!

SUNDAY June 3rd @ Bereas Grindstone Festival
11 Berea Commons, Berea Ohio – Festival is at Coe Lake, behind City Hall
I will be painting from 4-6pm in the pavilion by the lake.  A portion of my procedes will be donated to the Berea Welfare Fund.

And as always, feel free to call me to book your own event or pass on an idea of somewhere you think would benefit from having a face painter on call!

So come on out and get yourself painted and maybe be the next star model on my blog!  I hope to see you soon!

Grad Night Paintings

I’d like to wish my friend Katie a big congratulations on graduating highschool this year… I remember when she was just a tot!  I had the pleasure of painting at her party this past weekend and got some fun pics to share.  Some of these are new designs and will be added to my book soon!

If you are planning a special event party and want to add some fun to the festivities, give me a call!

Who’s that tall girl??

When you use the term “artist” to describe someone, it typically means more than they know how to draw or paint.  In my case my artistic personality has opened lots of creative doors for me over the years…. everything from singing and performing on stage, to my graphic design career, photography school, face and body painting, and STILT WALKING!  Yep… I love heights, and stilting is just another one of those quirky things that I always wanted to try.  I learned and performed my first time with Parade the Circle, and have now been walking in parades the last 3 years!  The residents of Brunswick got to see me out today like this.. hopefully it made their parade a little more… artistic!

Masquerade Time!

I had a great time last night painting masks on the super cool guests of Party Erotique’ at the House of Blues downtown.  Check out these pics of a few happy customers that got their unique masks painted on, which is SO much more comfortable than wearing the real thing!

Playing Around…

Here are a few more pictures from my recent workshops… lots of playing with fancy line work and glitter!  The new hot item on my painting wishlist: Glitter Jewelry… if you see me at a gig please let me paint some on you!  Although glitter fairys are coming in a close second!